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3D Stairs & Wood Works was established in 2017 but I’ve been doing stair installation, woodworking, and finish work since 2002. What makes me different from the competition is that I will personally be doing the whole project from the first time appointment to the very end when it is done completely.

My goal is keep customers satisfied 100% and not have a hundred installers working for me. My price as a stair contractor is competitive just because we have accounts in wholesale stores. We are available 7 days a week. Most people work so when they're planning a project for their home both homeowners like to be there to discuss what they like to do.

My goal is make people happy with the high end product they're paying for and quality is a priority. I'm a home owner and when I hire somebody to do a job I have big expectations so i know what my clients are expecting from me. For a stair builder, contact us in Riverside, CA and the surrounding areas today.

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